Tuesday, April 20, 2010

At Least It's Better Than Ron Mexico

I happened to read a headline on Yahoo Sports: "Ochocinco to work out with Bengals." We all know it has to kill sportswriters to have to use his "legal" name like that.

I'm actually a fan of Chad Johnson--he's a good player and, more importantly, he's willing to poke fun at an industry that takes itself waaay too seriously. The NFL is full of people who, while they are professional and are getting paid like movie stars, tend to brood childishly about their treatment by coaches, players, the league, and the media. And Chad Johnson isn't immune to that and he certainly has his faults, but at least he is having a blast. He's not shooting people or assaulting women in bathrooms--he's dancing with the stars.

And, most importantly, he's not playing for the Baltimore Ravens. 

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