Tuesday, April 13, 2010


Welcome to Crank Crank Revolution, a blog devoted to a vast array of items, most of which are the seemingly random items that I believe to be in the best interest of society.

For those keeping score--and I know you are all out there--this is, in fact, my second blog. My first blog, American Lament, is kind of but not really active. It was intended to be a showcase for my ability to write columns of approximately 800 words on a specific topic. I still update it from time to time and I still intend to keep it active. The problem was that I wrote two columns per week for an entire year, then a column a week for the next year, and I realized that the amount of work I was putting into it was no longer equal to what I was getting out of it.

I then realized that I was having more fun writing shorter, less structured items for people to consume, and that that's really what blogs were for--not some heavily edited, soundly constructed treatise on the NFL playoffs or my hair dryer, but random bits of stuff like, say, the NFL playoffs or my hair dryer, in a shorter number of words.

So we shall see. In the meantime, here are some blogs of people I trust:

My wife maintains three (count 'em!) three blogs. One is about life in a small town, one is about our pets, Dexter and Nora, and one is a book review site

A friend who has some particularly astute observations about an astonishing number of things is available here.

Another friend writes about various things, mostly zombie and crappy-movie-related, here.

I read quite a few blogs of people I don't actually know but are worth reading, and I'll eventually post them on the sidebar as I get around to it. 

I'll get cracking on something halfway interesting shortly. Or not. We'll see.

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