Tuesday, May 11, 2010

The Lament of the Latecomer

Honest--I've been wanting to write about some of the stuff that's been going on lately, such as the oil spill and the nomination of Elena Kagan, but I suffer from a bit of a blogging problem. Basically, I am unable to write at work, something I am morally and culturally obligated to do for at least eight hours a day. Despite what y'all may think, I don't exactly earn a paycheck making fun of the Greek finance crisis and writing cleavage jokes. Since I can't really write at work--or, for that matter, research or read any news material beyond the most superficial of headlines--by the time I grasp a major news event and can mold a vaguely coherent analysis of the situation in my head, it's already been 48 hours and a thousand bloggers have already done a much better job of it. That doesn't mean I'm certainly not going to half-ass phone it in, as I probably will do with the two stories above, but I feel I owe it to the few readers here that it's going to be difficult to be more up to date than what you've already experienced.

Now, technically, I can write these blog posts from my phone, but this is a painful and long process I can't always accomplish. And posting photos is doubly impossible. As a test, a few of the previous posts were done in this manner, and let's just say it took a little longer than your standard Masters Tournament. So while the option exists, I doubt my phone blogging will be used beyond the simplest of posts. I am also going to blame my many grammatical and spelling errors on it, which is probably a gross violation of judgment but I am going to testify to its truth. Amen.

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