Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Columbus Bound

Sorry I haven't posted any updates for a good bit; I spend the past weekend visiting family in Ohio. My wife has done a good job of summarizing our trip, though I would like to emphasize the following:

1. The Book Loft is an amazing store. They have what I assume is approximately 3000 rooms stacked floor to ceiling with new books. Most are discounted. That said, they have one of the most absurdly out-of-date ugly web sites I have ever seen. It's like Angelfire and Geocities had a child that threw up on your screen.

2. My wife's brother Dennis and his partner Paul have two whippits, Una and Seamus. Una so totally looks like Anne Hathaway.

3. We when to Rita's, and some dude was wearing shorts with brownish palm trees printed on it, which made it look like he soiled himself. (See my artist's rendition here.) But he seemed almost proud of it, stepping one foot on a bench as if to say, "I am the sexy. Rita's ice is my refreshment of choice. Care for my stylish shorts? They would look pleasant on the floor tomorrow morning."

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