Wednesday, June 16, 2010

The Speechification of America

Despite my interest in politics an current events, there's one thing many people find surprising about me--I refuse to watch presidential speeches.

Any time a President holds a speech, whether it be the State of the Union address or an impromptu speech like Obama's last night--I never, ever watch.

Why? Because they're boring.

Let's face it. No politician--not even the president--ever says anything remotely interesting in these speeches. Or, at the very least, nothing that couldn't have been presented in a five minute PowerPoint presentation. Politician's speeches are essentially a cobbled mess of qualifications, talking points, and code words. The President is not immune to this, and it doesn't matter the party or personality.

I never watched George W.'s, speeches, I never watched Bill Clinton's, and I'm not going to watch Obama's.

Anything of interest will be reported the next morning (or, in today's world, liveblogged in easy-to-read snippits.) At least for major news outlets, I can get the point of the speech in a few minutes, and it's usually pretty accurate. Sure, I may lose a little bit of objectivity when I read several columns of analysis, but to me the trade-off is worth it.

Some people find the fact that I don't watch these speeches are either hypocritical, disloyal, or lazy. I find just the opposite: it's a more efficient use of my time.

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  1. Here is a successful use of my time: I gave you an award!