Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Static and Noise

Sorry for the intermittent posts. I'm trying to keep the politics/economics to nonsense ratio down, and the only things I can think of to write about involve explaining basic economic concepts and griping about the federal role of disaster response. In this case, I fear, less is more.

Anyway, some random items:

Zombieland is an OK movie. The reviews were good, and I like Woody Harrelson, but there just seemed to be something...off about the movie. The "rules" seemed contrived, the plot threadbare, and I didn't think it was remarkably funny. But it was funny enough, and--speaking as someone who grew up with and roomed with a zombie freak--I know that zombie movies tend towards the bleak and plotless. So, given that, it actually wasn't a bad movie, and it was short and fast-paced enough that I didn't mind watching it. I maybe could have done without the romantic subplot (who cares?) and just added more zombie huntin' and twinkie lootin'.I recommend it but it's not for everyone.

A horse tried to kill me. Again. Those of you who know me know that horses and I just don't get along. Long story short, a horse tried to kill me at the Fort Armstrong Folk Festival when I was in high school. It gave me the crazy eye, and had it not been for my keen reflexes and catlike flexibility, I may not have moved four feet out of the way to prevent the certain trampling that was about to befall me. It's been downhill ever since. Anyway, during a trip to the Butler Fair, a gander at the duck and goats and sheep alas eventually took us to a stable full of equines. Everything was fine since there was a fairly solid chunk of timber between myself and these hairy sweaty beastmobiles, but at one point one of them got a whiff of my bad mojo and started to freak out on me. He gave me the crazy eye, so help me. Thankfully, my wife saved my life by telling me to nut up and quit being such a pussy.

I don't get certain things I think I should. I've never liked Back to the Future, for example, and I'm not a Star Wars fan, even though all timing and demographic evidence should say I just can't get enough of it. Yeah, yeah, there's varying tastes and to each there own, but I still feel like there's some awkward cultural gap that's missing, and every time I try to fill myself in on these "must-see" cultural icons, I just find them dull and a waste of time. Ah, well.

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