Saturday, July 10, 2010

True Story. Every Word.

So I went to go pick up some dog food at our local tractor supply store (don't ask). The fact that there is a tractor supply store at the mall should do a pretty good job of setting up the remainder of the story. Let's just say my dog would certainly feel at home.

Surprisingly, I had never been there before, though my wife had, and they have a rather specific type of dog food we wanted to purchase. So I walk in and it doesn't seem to be much different than a hardware/pet store, with the possible exception that they had Goat Feed there.

Upon entering, I saw one of the two sales clerks hold one of those barrels up above her head. The kind that normally holds about a ton of cheese balls or pretzel rods. My first thought was, mmmm. I need to get me some cheese balls.

The clerk then shouted to the other checkout girl--and I quote: "If anyone--I mean anyone wants to check out with one of these, please let them know that they are dog treats."

I don't want to be the manager that had to take that inquiry.

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