Saturday, October 30, 2010

Other People's Ideas

I don't have anything original to say, so here are some links to people who have interesting ideas:

All that pink stuff you are buying for Breast Cancer Awareness? It's doing only modest good at best, according to the Straight Dope. The article doesn't touch on it, but I say it's worse--the substitution effect (i.e., people feel good for buying pink stuff that ultimately has little effect, and then don't take meaningful actions because they feel like they've already done their part) negates any good that is done. 

Why is Halloween basically a slut-tastic holiday? Blame the Irish, the gays, and the 1970's.

Eliminating the corporate income tax may seem like a rich-folk scheme propagated by evil Republicans, but Megan McArdle makes a pretty good case that the reverse may be true and at the very least is probably neutral. (I suggest reading the article, but the main points: corporate taxes just get passed on to consumers anyway, and since there are reasonably complicated deductions and loopholes for capital gains due to double taxation, eliminating a layer will probably have corporations pay about the same or more, not less, in exchange for simpler tax laws.)

Katy Perry shoots fireworks out of her boobs. Bob Nutting should hire her to prop up attendance at PNC Park.

Fantasy Flight Games has made a board game version of the PC computer game Civilization. This is not the original board game that the first Sid Meier's Civilization was based off of, nor is it the board game that was based off of the game that was based off of the first three Civilization games that were based off of that first game that was based off of the original board game, but a brand new game.

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