Thursday, December 2, 2010

Do Good

As regular readers (and, well, anyone reading any one of my posts) know, I am by nature a bitter, cynical person, mostly because I'm convinced Western society has transformed into some labyrinth social structure of rewarding bad behavior and punishing those trying to better themselves. There is still an optimistic part of me that believes that in the long run this will be reversed, but every time I watch the news or browse the Internet I find more evidence to the contrary.

This is all to contrast my own hollow, broken self with my wife, who is doing something good today. Each year, a local radio program does a charity drive called Stuff A Bus, when people bring toys and they fill up one bus after another to deliver to the Marine's Toys for Tots drive. My wife is doing her own version of it--she is doing Stuff My Car, where she will fill her own car up with toys from our county and drive it down to the city to give to the Stuff a Bus people. This is a lot of work for her, and a lot of good, solid effort from the people who donated. It's going to be a cold day and a long drive, but in the end it will be worth the hard work and harsh elements.

Whether you are a cranky, cynical old bastard like myself, or just someone looking to impact the world in a positive way, take the example that my wife is setting today. Check her blog out; soon she will have pictures and tales to tell.

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  1. Thank you for supporting my hair brained schemes honey. I love you beyond measure!