Monday, December 20, 2010

Holiday Candy Review: Cherry Cordial and Mint Chocolate M&Ms

M&M/Mars is certainly doing a lot to create some variety on their flagship candy: and why not? The simple M&M is easily modifiable, and it's hard to screw up candy-coated chocolate. So this holiday season, we see two new flavors on the market: Cherry Cordial and Chocolate Mint.
I am assuming that they are limited edition--things like this usually are--so you probably won't see much of them after the end of this week. But they've done a pretty good job of keeping the ones that work in circulation.

The candies themselves are nothing remarkable; they're slightly larger that standard size, much like the coconut and pretzel ones.

First up is the Cherry Cordial. Unfortunately, I'm not a fan of cherry cordials in general--while I do enjoy the mixture of chocolate and fruit, cherries never did much for me. And in this case, it shows: I didn't care for them. The cherry taste seemed awfully artificial and a touch too strong, and I just don't like the taste to begin with. Quite frankly, if you are the kind of person that likes cherry cordials, I would just buy normal cherry cordials and skip this.

The Chocolate Mint, however, was much better. Granted, it's difficult to screw up mint, but they did a good job balancing the slightly strong mint with the chocolate. Since I am a fan of mint, I'm a fan of these, and I'll be sad to see them taken out of the normal distribution. However, I'll admit that once you're done with a bag of these you may be done for a while--mint is pretty strong and easy to get sick of. This may be better off as a seasonable product. But they're very good.

A word of warning about either of these--the smell of both is very strong, and has a tendency to creep into anything else you have in your cupboard or bowl. So unless you want your mashed potatoes or Mary Janes smelling slightly like cherries, keep these sealed if possible.

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