Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Why My Wife Is The Luckiest Woman In The World

(Scene: We are getting ready to go to sleep. We are attending a paranormal gathering tomorrow. Also--this is important--we recently purchased blueberry bagels that are currently in our fridge.)

Me: Are you ready for the meeting tomorrow?
Wife: Yes. It should be fun.
Me: Maybe they will serve boo-gles to eat.
Wife: What?
Me: Those are Bugles. Or--ooh!--those could also be bagels.
Wife: Shut up.
Me: Or maybe booberry boogles. Like in the fridge.
Wife: Go to sleep.
Me: Maybe our drinks will be served on ghost-ers.*
Wife: I hate you.

[Five minutes later]

Me: You know what they would serve on those ghost-ers?
Wife: I thought you were asleep.
Me: Spirits. I don't know how I could have missed that one.
Wife: Go. To. Sleep.
Me: This all just reminds me how on Scooby-Doo they would get themselves in some sort of situation where they would end up riding a Roller Ghoster. But it would actually just be a regular roller coaster painted with fluorescent paint. That was a racket.
Wife: I'm not listening to you anymore.

[Five minutes later, I get up and check my alarm. I had changed it to get up earlier on account of the snow.]

Me: I just wanted to check to make sure I set it to AM.
Wife: I'm sure that was just haunting you.
Me: That's....that's not even hilarious.

*In even more retrospect, I should have asked if we were drinking at the spook-easy. I was off my game.

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