Tuesday, March 29, 2011

My Dirty Little Sports Secret

I'm a good, decent Pittsburgher. I love the Penguins, I love the Steelers...heck, I even love our minor league baseball team, the Pirates. But as much as I love the local sports teams and wear the jerseys and complain about their inability to win or wax poetic about their mastery...I rarely watch the games on television.

Alas, this usually applies to the Penguins. Since football is more or less on a regular schedule, it's not hard to forget when a Steelers game is on, and there's far fewer games to watch. Hockey, however, has plenty of games each season and they are on at more or less random times throughout the week. When it's time for a Pens game, one of the following normally occur:

1. I have something legitimately planned so I don't watch it.
2. The NHL, for some reason, insists on showing about ten percent of their games during weird Canadian metric times of the day, like two in the morning on Saturdays, so I don't even pretend I'm going to watch those.
3. I completely forget the game is on.
4. We are playing someone like Phoenix or LA or Calgary or some other basement-dwelling Western Conference team and I can't bring myself to care. 
5. I remember the game is on, but it turns out it was on yesterday.
6. I remember the game is on, and I sit down all excited to watch it, and then I realize it's on Versus.

As it get towards the end of the season, I make a more concentrated effort to watch. Since the games matter more, and there is a good chance we're going to play Philly or the Rangers and someone's head might end up flying into the stands, there is more of an incentive to coordinate my schedule.

Of course, even when I'm watching the game I end up screwing something up. The same thing happens each time. Let's take tonight:

Announcer: The Pens are up 2-1. Let's break for commercial.
Me, in my head: I think I'm going to go to the kitchen I will be gone for at most two minutes.
[two minutes later]
Me, in my head: Let's sit down and see what is going on.
Announcer: The Flyers are up 3-2.
Me, out loud: Son of a BITCH.

So, you know, there's that. Go Pens, or something.

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  1. I saw following a team online is good enough. I don't have cable, and until a team makes the playoffs, I don't make alternate viewing arrangements. Watch the highlights online the next day and you still count as a fan.