Thursday, March 31, 2011

Static And Noise: Libya, Oh Libya

I Had A Dream: Last night that my wife received a long, rambling voice mail from Jim Morrison after he (to his own admission) took five Valium. He was dead within the week, and my wife set out on a journey to write a song based on the message. This for some reason included a trip to a construction zone in Vandegrift that had recently flooded for inspiration. Do you know what this sounds like? An awesome idea for a movie. File this under yet another million dollar idea.

Boots on the Ground: The situation in Libya appears to be...not good. I don't have an official position on this; while I'm a fan of the low-risk and relatively cheap air strike--as long as it actually helps--it also leads to other problems (Flashback to Bosnia, if you dare.) News reports are showing that the government has adapted quickly to the airstrikes and they are no longer effective, and in fact the government is now gaining the upper hand in the battle. What do we do if Gaddafi ends up winning? Do we stop the airstrikes and let them be, allowing a festering nation of anti-Americans brew up some awesome revenge ideas? Or are we now committed, and have to send in ground troops? The justification for entering this conflict sounds eerily like GWB's for the Iraq war, even as Obama specifically differentiated the two conflicts. (They are certainly different, but are also similar in many ways as well.) Covert support has apparently been authorized, which more or less means supplying rebels with arms, so hopefully that will be effective and end there. In the end, it is probably a good thing to do what we've done, but I don't expect it to be as limited in scope as the President thinks.

The Donald: What an odd, strange scenario we face: Donald Trump running for President? This is the third time he's flirted with the idea, and given how much he's been talking about it I think he may actually go through with it this time. I don't think he will make a good president--he doesn't have the judgment or temperament to do it, although I think he has a burning desire to succeed and his analytical abilities are stronger than people believe. But I also think he will run a lousy campaign. He will say what he wants how he wants. Normally, this is refreshing, but as a non-politician he is not familiar with where the boundaries are. And he hates to lose, so if he looks like he's losing ground, he will self-destruct. It's also possible he will simply run his polls, crunch the numbers, realize he doesn't have a chance, and start on the next season of the Apprentice instead.

Twitterati: In case any of my readers missed it, my Twitter account was named by Pittsburgh Magazine and Virginia Montanez as one of Pittsburgh's notable Twitter accounts. Thank you, Ginny. Anyone can sign up for my Twitter account (@americancrank) by clicking on the button on the right column of this page. There are several other notable Twitter accounts listed, so go check them out.

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