Monday, March 21, 2011

X Marks the Spot

My wife and I enjoy geocaching. Last year we didn't get out much, which is something we had hoped to rectify this year. Turns out, it happened earlier than we planned.

This past weekend was probably the first halfway decent weekend one could go out and geocache. It was still a little chilly, and we hadn't planned on doing anything. But about a week and a half ago, I casually mentioned that we would have to get on the stick about geocaching this year, and she agreed, but not much more was said about it.

Rewind to Halloween last year. While tramping about at the Black Cross that night, I stumbled upon a geocache without even looking for one. This is reasonably unusual--geocaches are usually pretty hard to find. This one was, in fact; it was literally dumb luck that we found it in the dark.

So as we were driving around after a botched attempt at getting my car inspected, we passed the Nellie Bly memorial. I had forgotten that my wife had never seen it, and given that Bly is the only famous person from my county aside from Jim Kelly, it seemed a good idea to at least stop and have a look. (The Bly memorial is accompanied by a revolutionary soldier's memorial, and as far as I can tell the main accomplishment of the enlisted man is that he had plenty of descendants wealthy enough that they could pay to construct a memorial.) Imagine our surprise when we stopped only to find yet another unplanned geocache. This was a clear sign that it was time to start up again in earnest. (Our local tourist office also engineered a number of geocaches around the county at important spots--such as the Bly Memorial--to encourage sightseeing, and it's likely we are going to try and find them all.)

The next day--a little chillier than it should have been--we set off to find some local geocaches, just to get the rust shaken off before we start repelling cliffs and climbing trees to find cereal premiums in washed-out plastic bulk pretzel jars.  Alas, we were only able to get one out of three--not bad for the amount of time we invested, but disappointing nonetheless. Still, I'm excited to see what we find this summer.

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