Thursday, April 21, 2011

Easter Week Candy Review: Three Random Candy Bars

I've accumulated some different candy bars over the past few weeks, so I figure I'd lump them all together in one review. None of them really have anything in common, aside from the fact that they are reasonably easy to find.

First up: Gardner's S'Mores candy bars

Included in this wrapper is all that is needed to avoid joining the Boy Scouts throughout your childhood.

I do likes me some smores, though I'll admit I'm not a huge fan of marshmallow. When I can make my own smores, I dole out the proportions as I like--which usually means less marshmallow and more chocolate.

So I was conflicted with this candy bar beforehand--the entire appeal of smores is the act of making them, and to wrap it all up in a cold candy bar somehow felt blasphemous. What good is a smore if you're not smearing half-melted sticky marshmallow on your hands and eating it while sitting on a rotten log smelling like burnt wood?

 All the fun of campfire snack-making without all the worrying about being eaten by bears or catching malaria.

My expectations, therefore, were not good. And at least one part of my expectations was met: the marshmallow was pretty strong, which wasn't a good thing for my tastes. However, the chocolate used is very good, and the graham cracker pretty standard. So if you enjoy marshmallow, you'll probably enjoy this, even though it's hardly a substitute for the real thing. But even if you don't, it's not horrible, and I'll gladly eat this on occasion.

Next up is a Hershey bar called the Sweet & Salty Granola Bar.

Sweet & Salty is also a great name for a lady-cop-based action comedy. Sweet will be the Good Cop, and Salty will be the obnoxious pottymouth with an awesome rack. Just...throwing it out there.

They more or less threw everything labeled "sweet" or "salty" in the huge Hershey Confection Warehouse in this bar: pretzels and peanuts on a granola bar with a chocolate layer on the bottom. I love this sort of thing, and I wasn't disappointed.

"Hands against the wall! You have the right to remain...salty!" C'mon, this shit is better than Inception.

Sweet and Salty seems to be a pretty popular combination nowadays, and while some may not like the granola part (which does seem a little out of place), it's a perfect deviation from the standard candy bar fare. I recommend it.

The last candy bar is Twix Coconut.

I've review Twix candy bars in the past, so I'm a fan; I've also reviewed plenty of coconut-flavored things, as it is no secret that I heart coconut. That said...I wasn't really impressed with this. First off, the coconut flavoring is both artificial and strong. Secondly, they still have the normal cookie-and-caramel formula. Coconut and caramel don't really go that well together. It just seems to be a hot mess of a candy bar.  It would be the equivalent of the twitchy informant in Sweet and Salty 2: Back To The Salt Mines.

Okay, maybe I haven't figured out how this whole Sweet & Salty thing works.

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  1. About 5 to 8 years ago, one of the candy companies came out with a sweet and salty candy bar.
    That was the most god awful candy bar I ever tried to eat.
    For someone who avoids all added salt, that bar was so salty you couldn't eat it.
    Yet you still see these idiot tv cooks dumping salt on almost everything they cook.
    They must be getting kick backs from the salt minerd.