Monday, April 11, 2011

Into the Woods

My wife, my dogs, and I all went geocaching yesterday, where we found two out of two caches.* This was a marked improvement from in the past. We had actually found a few without even looking for them (visiting the Nellie Bly memorial and tramping around the Black Cross) but then hit a roadblock when we were an awful 1 for 3 a few weekends ago. We'd also attempted some one-offs every once in a while with little success. We picked our battles a little better this time and ended up finding a micro and a standard cache at Crooked Creek park.

A few notes about geocaching I've learned:
1) Film containers (remember those? Or film?) are horrible micro cases. They are NOT--I repeat, NOT--waterproof. Every micro in a film case we've found has been soaked. Stop doing that.
2) Surprisingly, the geocache applications downloaded to our phones/tablets have been...subpar. No matter what we download, the application fails in at least one aspect, and we end up reverting back to the good ol' GPS device. Given how easy the Google Maps integration should be with a GPS locator built into a phone, you'd think a little more quality control would be introduced. I guess it's free, so I shouldn't complain, but still.
3) Dogs are more interested in eating bark and tangling their leashes up with every single conceivable thing possible than geocaching.

Hopefully, we'll get to do some more this summer, and bring some friends along as well. The weather doesn't always cooperate--last summer was notorious for foiling our plans quite often. But we shall see.

*We almost went for a third, but the dogs were very tired. It had absolutely nothing to do with the fact that we had been walking for a while and I wanted to crawl into a log and sleep for about 20 hours and the 15-degree grade might as well have been Mount Everest. It was the dogs and their short legs.

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