Monday, May 23, 2011

Static and Noise: Flavorishistic?

There Should Be A Name For That: Channeling Sniglets, I am wondering if there is a name for this: an artificial flavor that tastes nothing like the flavor it is supposed to be but still tastes pretty good. My case is pizza-flavored potato chips and Combos and the like. They taste absolutely nothing like pizza--not even if you grind a pizza up into a dust-like substance and powder it all over corn chips. And yet that doesn't mean they are bad. They are flavorful. But not even unrepentant drunks think this is pizza. Anyone know of such a word or phrase?

Completely Unrelated: So, what exactly has Rich Hall been up to lately?

And Then There Were None About Fourteen More: I've tried to limit my political posts, but the primary fight each election cycle is like my Sturgis, Burning Man, and Hockey Night In Canada all rolled into one. Obviously, there is little chance of a primary fight on the Democratic side, so the attention will by necessity be with the GOP. It's still too soon to draw many conclusions--candidates are still forming exploratory committees, declining to run, or--as per the custom--hemming and hawing and sitting on their hands and sending trial balloons by ordering local delicacies in remote parts of New Hampshire and Iowa. There's still plenty of time to shake out who will be the right-wing/centrist/foreign policy expert/con man preacher in the entire mess. Alas, you'll hear a lot more about this from me as time goes on.

A Short (But By No Means Comprehensive) List of Things The World Could Do Without: 
1. Those creepy mortgage ads that have someone's face change/dancing figure/photoshopped cowboy hat/etc.
2. Mobile versions of normal web sites. THEY DON'T EFFING WORK. EVER.
3.Restaurants that have a really awesome food item "for a limited time only," then take it away. I KNOW YOU HAVE THE INGREDIENTS BACK THERE, JACKASS. JUST EFFING MAKE IT.

My goodness, I sound like either an old man or a lame comedian. Which, I guess, are both quite accurate.

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