Thursday, June 2, 2011

Blinded By The Light

My wife had an eye appointment today, which in and of itself isn't remarkable except for the fact that it has provided me with endless entertainment this afternoon.

For the purposes of her exam, she had her pupils dilated,and so has more or less been unable to function as a productive member of society since she returned. They even gave her some temporary disposable eye shades that suspiciously made her look like Frida Kahlo. This was, to be diplomatic, not a good look.

After using her temporary blindness to scam me into doing a bunch of stuff, she took Chloe outside. I went upstairs, and came down to a very happy Dexter, who was freely running around our living room. I picked him up and we bonded as we waited for Chloe and my wife to return before putting them away in their crates.

A little later, we decided to leave the house and were getting everything ready before we exited. My wife turned the TV off. Well, that should be properly typed as "turned the TV off," in scare quotes, because the one thing she did not actually accomplish was turning the TV off. She had pressed some other button that changed the input feed. The fact that she walked away without noticing made it all the funnier.

And then she "put the dog away" in his crate Dexter decided to have none of this, and waltzed right back out.

"Um, when you took Chloe out earlier, did you put Dexter in his crate?"

"Yes," was the quizzical reply.

Of course, she not once but twice failed to actually be able to close the door to his crate. Dexter was certainly not going to pipe up with any objections.

Part of me is afraid to go to bed tonight. Not for my own safety, but that I may miss something embarrassingly funny.

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