Tuesday, July 5, 2011

The Boreable Lightness of Posting

Posting will be light this month, I am afraid. I've got a few events that's sucking up a lot of time for the next few weeks, and I haven't had a ton of ideas to write about, anyway. I've got a few candy, book, and board game reviews that I'll get posted up, and perhaps towards the end of the month I'll have some time to write more regularly. I will probably also still do a Trending each week, even though the last few have been kinda lame--it will at least get me to write something.

That said, there are a few long-and-windy politics-and-philosophy manifestos I swore I was going to write less frequently that percolated in my head over this Independence Day weekend  I may get around to do that, or I may just play some Team Fortress 2 instead. We shall see.

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