Tuesday, September 6, 2011


Below is a tale of woe and electronics. 

I had one of those cords where you can hook your cell phone and/or MP3 player into your car speaker. It costs maybe ten bucks, which I suppose is OK; even though dollar-store headphones can be bought by the gross with a ten-spot and this cord is basically two of the less-expensive end of those, I will admit I'm not about to borrow my neighbor's soldering iron and go to the basement for a mad splicin' session. So I put my money down at a big box electronics store (for what ended up being about fifteen bucks) and then, after contemplation and deciding to get one for my wife, I find one at a different big box department store for nine dollars.

Fast forward about a month. The cord somehow manages to slip between the car seat and the metal frame without my knowledge, so the next time I slid the car seat back the cord was chopped right in two. (Or at least I assume. It looks normal, but it only vaguely works when I squeeze one part of it with both sets of fingers, something that is remarkably difficult to do when operating a vehicle.) So after cursing the fates and debating whether I wanted to get a new one or buy a cord on eBay for twelve cents from some back-alley electronics distributor from Kuala Lumpur and wait a whole two weeks to get it, I break down and get a cord.

It works fine, and all is right with the world, but SO HELP ME if this one commits suicide like the last one I will storm the Best Buy with a regiment and demand they sell me the necessary six cents' worth of rubber, copper, and shame at cost.

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