Wednesday, November 9, 2011

How Not To Write

Normally, I would write about things I want to write about. But today, I'm thinking about the stuff I don't want to write about. To be fair, I probably will end up writing about this stuff later, as subjects for me to write about get lean. That doesn't mean I want to.

Penn State: This is a huge story around here and, based on the coverage I am seeing from national sources, will soon be everywhere. It's just a sad, horrible story every step of the process. I honestly don't know how this should shake out. While I think it's time for Joe Paterno to go--I thought it was time years ago--there is a part of me that just think he's being a scapegoat for misplaced emotional rage.There are far more appropriate and more culpable targets. And yet I don't have the desire to emotionally invest into justifications for this because everyone involved is an asshole. So why bother?

Occupy Wall Street: I am growing bored with this story. As I've mentioned several times, I am sympathetic to the protestors (in a very detached way) and am glad to see someone is exercising their free speech rights, but the protests have gotten so anti-intellectual and borderline violent they are quickly becoming a caricature of the misguided, naive street criminals a lot of people already assume they are.

European Debt Crisis: The actions of the population of many citizens in Europe make me think that Europe has given up on its future. Yes, there are a lot of factors involved, but the bottom line is that the most irresponsible nations want to find a way to continue to be irresponsible to the extent that they are willing to default. This is the sort of thing third world countries do, not seemingly modern nations. The fact that, every week, some new completely incomprehensible action is taken by one of Europe's leaders to the point that I kind of just want to see the entire EU experiment collapse onto itself. This sort of negativity is probably not helpful, so out it goes as a topic.

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