Saturday, November 19, 2011


Today my wife and I went to the Toonseum. She took some pictures, so I will link to her blog later, but it was a fun time. I recommend that anyone in the Pittsburgh area go to see it--it's cheap, there are a lot of fun things to do, and while it's relatively small they get a reasonably regular rotation of exhibits coming in and out.

I've always held a certain fascination with the craft; at one point, it was my preferred vocation. (The notion of hitting it big in the creative arts requiring a lot of back-slapping, bribery, and sexual favors instead of talent did not occur to me until later.) So there is something a little mystical about seeing the old hand-drawn sketches the artists worked on; it seems ages ago since everything was digitized (even though it was merely about 15 years ago). While most of animation and comics are digital, a lot of the base still relies on the techniques that were used in the early 20th Century.

So, anyway, yay for cartoons!

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