Monday, December 19, 2011

The 2011 Miserable Crank Awards Results

The votes have been tabulated and the results counted. Below are the worst things of 2011:

Who Is The Most Miserable Person We Permit To Contribute To Our Society? Casey Anthony
What Is The Most Indefensibly Stupid Business Decision? Netflix/Quickster
What Is The Weirdest Nonsense We Continue To Allow Ourselves To Be Entertained By?
Kim Kardashian Wedding/Divorce
What Is The Most Ridiculous Government Decision Everyone Hates But No One Will Ever Do Anything Meaningful About? Solyndra
What Is The Most Embarrassing Reason To Be A Member of the Human Race? Harold Camping Opens His Mouth
What Is The Most Unsportsmanlike Conduct Perpetuated By A Bunch Of People Running Around And Hitting Things With Other Things For Money? NBA Strike
What Is The Greatest Disruption From Allowing Us To Live A Comfortable Middle-Class Lifestyle? Closing of Borders
What Is The Worst Thing Everyone Else For Some Reason Loves But I Hate With A Passion Unparalleled? Planking
What Is The Most Painfully Awful Event or Idea of 2011? Penn State University Scandal


What Is The Worst Thing About 2011? Occupy Wall Street

As usual, congratulations to the winners, who have a long, hard winter ahead for them. Keep up the good work!

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