Monday, January 23, 2012

Hit Somebody!

1. The Pittsburgh Penguins have won six games in a row--after losing six games in a row. Hockey is a volatile sport to begin with--last year's champion can easily be this year's basement-dweller--and so it is with the Pens. Of course, they are suffering from a rash of high-profile injuries, not the least of which is star Sidney Crosby, who has seen about three games on the ice in a year. It's possible that the team could easily collapse with only one or two more major injuries, but so far they've been a highly disciplined team capitalizing in spite of their issues.

2. I have made the mistake of visiting Reddit lately--one of those web sites, like Digg and Spotify, that I hear a lot about but never go to. It's a fascinating site which appears to be populated by the largest collection of intelligent assholes this side of the Ivy League.

3. I have started to grow a beard. Rather than feeling the might strength of Samson, I just feel like a well-fed hobo. But it is coming in reasonably nice, after about three weeks of wanting to take sandpaper to my cheeks. Also: I have no idea how to care for a beard, so hopefully I won't be watching too many misleading YouTube videos.

4. It is probably wrong to point this out, but both Newt and Callista Gingrich look like cartoon versions of what someone thinks they look like.

5. I watched Gosford Park over the weekend. It's a good movie, although the fact that it is sort of an old-school murder-mystery while not really being one makes it seem a little unfocused to me--it seems more like a straight-up servant vs. gentry movie with a formulaic mystery tacked on. That said, I'm fascinated by the technical details--none of the actors playing servants wear makeup, each actor had their own microphone to catch all of the overlapping conversation, and every shot has a camera moving at all times, even if ever so slightly. Fans should read up, and those who haven't seen this movie should. 

6. Dexter fell asleep on my feet over the weekend. That's one of those things they teach you in Wiener Dog 101, so I'm glad he finally got around to it.

7. The Office really isn't funny anymore. But I'm so familiar with the characters I still love watching that show. Hopefully it will find the comedy again, but who knows. On a related note: even though I rarely watch either Community or Parks and Recreation, I will be sad if either gets cancelled. I've seen episodes from both and I do like them (Community is hit or miss), but I can't get into the habit of watching them on a regular basis.

8. Also related: Mad Men is coming back reasonably soon (end of March). My wife and I have been watching all of the old episodes again, and it's like watching something new all over again. Some of the Don Draper Female-Type Escapade storylines get a little old and drag on, but some of the plot lines (as well as the historical flavor) are some of the most riveting and interesting things I've seen on television in a long time. If you haven't started watching it yet, it's fascinating--and also available on Netflix Streaming.

9. I have noticed that, increasingly, people are presenting me (via, say, casual conversation, or Twitter, or Facebook) with "facts" that I have known--and assumed everyone has known--since childhood. Like that Walt Disney was a fascist sympathizer, or that Matt Groening had a comic strip before the Simpsons. This either means that 1) I learned too much random shit while growing up, or 2) I'm old, and I'm watching a new generation learn that stuff like I did. Either way, I will BEAT YOUR ASS at Trivial Pursuit.

10. For those who haven't seen me talk endlessly about it already:

How on earth this isn't Canada's national anthem, I'll never know.


  1. Addressing #9: You have always been a fount of random (and often little-known) information. You learned too much random shit.