Tuesday, January 24, 2012

The Podcast Dilemma

I've always wanted to have a podcast. I think it would be fun and I think I would be good at it. The problem? I have absolutely no idea what I would do it about.

There's really only one legitimate hobby I could maintain a steady podcast about, and that's board games--the problem being, of course, that there are approximately 1000 board game podcasts already being done on a weekly basis, and each of them play board games more often than me. I have other hobbies, of course, but none so fascinating that I could keep up more than one or two episodes.

I thought about having some sort of umbrella-type show about, say, "geek" culture (where I could lump board games, geocaching, britcoms, books, and all the other sort of things my wife and I enjoy), but, again, by making it too broad you lose a lot of depth to make the show interesting. I also thought about keeping it with the theme of this blog--crankiness, of course--so I get to ponitifcate about how everything and everybody in this world is wrong except me. I actually think I could pull this off, but I also know (much like this blog) it would veer waaaay too often into politics, where I would actually have more fun complaining about the packaging they use for new silverware or how there are too many damn commercials during football games. But somehow I would steer it to the vast benefits of the negative income tax, and everyone (myself included) would be bored.

My master plan has always been to host trivia show. Each week, I would have three panelists who would answer trivia questions. Of course, the real purpose would be to give the panelists an opportunity to be witty and crack jokes, so while triviaphiles would have fun, it would also be a legitimately funny show as well. Why haven't I done this? Because I found out that it is very, very, very difficult to write trivia questions. It's not as easy as just plucking some questions out of thin air; they have to be questions that have answers that would lend themselves to good "joke" answers, or at least some humorous discussion. I tried to write even one show's worth and I could barely do it, let alone a series of podcasts. So, alas, it is not to be.

Perhaps someday I will find a subject matter that 1) I would enjoy talking about each week, and 2) other people would actually want to hear. So I submit to my few readers: any ideas?

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