Sunday, February 5, 2012

The Book of Eli

So today is Superbowl XLVI, where your New York Giants are playing against the New England Patriots, and I could care less.

OK, that's not fair. I want to see the Giants win, not because I have any great affinity for the Giants, but because I am from Pittsburgh and therefore automatically hate the Patriots. (Misplaced small-market bravado aside, I'm still cranked off about the whole Bill Belichick 'cheating' thing a few seasons ago. I know it probably wasn't anything beyond a stupid mistake, but the way it was handled makes me think that something else was going on--such as it being so big as to embarrass the whole league so they had to dispatch the situation as soon as possible. But I digress.)

Still, this year, I'm just not into it. Each year there is usually some sort of story to make it interesting--say, New Orleans finally making it to the Superbowl after decades of futility, or Peyton Manning finally winning a ring, or perennial small-market wunderkind Packers taking it all the way. There's almost always some sort of underdog to root for, or at least a set of interesting characters/rivalry/etc.

This year, there doesn't appear to be any of that. Here are two teams that recently won Superbowls, so there really isn't an underdog. We've seen all the same people here before. The news has been so boring the only thing that has been of note is a mildly threatening injury of Rob Gronkowski and the fact that the Superbowl is being played in Indianapolis for the first time. Big deal.

Even the commercials have been a disappointment. I'm sure this has more to do with my own expectations and less to do with the commercials themselves, but every year I expect the ads to be awesome and every year I'm disappointed. There are a few standouts here and there, but at this point--what with the internet and all--you don't really need to watch the Superbowl to see the advertisements.

So, yes, I will watch the game this evening, and I will be rooting for the Giants, If you are the type of person to take odds, they're pretty good that I will have fallen asleep by ten.  

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