Wednesday, May 23, 2012

The Wisdom of the Internet

I still have comments enabled on my old, defunct blog, so I occasionally get a notification when someone writes something on one of my columns. For the past three years, these comments have pretty much exclusively involved 1) getting discount prescriptions, usually but no limited to boner pills; 2) winning overseas lotteries despite the fact that I have never entered one; or 3) hot Russian prostitutes ready to pay airfare just to spend a quiet evening with yours truly. Despite the fact that the majority of the traffic to this blog comes from what I believe to the Russian whorehouses, I generally disregard these as what they are: spambots.

However, yesterday someone wrote a comment on one of my columns, which I assume was not spam because there were no links involving cut-rate mortgages. The column was tangentially about gambling (this was back on 7/7/2007) and this commenter had the following add to the collective wisdom of the internet:
i know wat these online sprots books do, if you are a high roller, making 
alot of money on their website, theyll wager your amount you put up or more 
at thier local casino and when you win, they just collect the money for you 
and put it in their private accounts. when its time for payout they wire money 
to other locations to switch up payouts for you. and they city always happens 
to be surrounded by casinos. just a thought
 Makes you think, doesn't it?

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