Sunday, July 8, 2012

Static and Noise: Not Of This World

Illegal Aliens: Today in 1947, the Army issued a statement to the effect that a "flying disc" had been recovered in Roswell, New Mexico, sparking an intense and prolonged interest in UFOs--as well as establishing the government as the go-to entity for alien cover-ups. I have an interest in aliens, but not a particularly intense one. I find the thought that we are alone in this infinite universe to be unlikely, and yet I think the probabilities of an advanced civilization on a hospitable planet are also mind-numbingly low. Still, it's interesting one way or the other, plus I can't figure out another explanation for the inexplicable popularity of Deal or No Deal.

Black Monday: Monday marks the doomsday for the internet: or, at the very least, a tiny fraction of them. A malware virus spreading throughout the internet over the course of the past year will cause infected computers to stop connecting to the internet. I've never quite understood why these things existed. It's one thing to cook up a virus that steals credit card numbers or spams inboxes, but just to cause inconvenience to people seems particularly...well, stupid. And the sad part is that at this point even the most careful of users can still be susceptible, including Mac users. Chalk this one up to another mystery of humanity as who why anyone does anything stupid.

Superheroes: I am patiently waiting for the Superhero Movie craze to be over. They predicted the death of it last year, and yet it doesn't appear as though they are going away. Now, don't get me wrong: I like the superhero movie as much as the next guy; they're often a lot of goofy fun. And yet it seems like at this point there's one or two a month throughout the summer, and it's starting to crowd out all of the other styles of movies. They've also tapped out on the big stars, so they're moving down the relevancy list. Either that, or they are making too many sequels. They're well done, but if you have too much of anything it's going to get old. I'm sure there are a few years yet, but one of these summers there's going to a huge, studio-crippling flop that will serve as a long-awaited wake-up call.

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