Friday, November 30, 2012

A Short And Incomplete List Of Things I Will Never Understand


People's hate of reality TV. I mean, I get it, it's trash, but so is 90% of music, movies, restaurants, books, stand-up comedians, charities, job descriptions, your friends, and the government. Why get all bent out of shape about a single TV genre?

The fashion industry and how it's about one step above Gitmo in terms of pretty much everything.

Skateboarding. That seems like just the sort of thing that disappears from your life when you turn 10. It's like one step above sippy cups and one below getting an actual car.

Pirating advocates. (As in music/movies/media/etc.) I understand why they exist, but I've heard so many ridiculous justifications from shitty armchair lawyers as to why it's not stealing when it's completely apparent that it is the exact definition of stealing I almost have to laugh.

Live concerts. At least of the get-so-drunk-before-the-concert-you-remember-nothing variety.

Why people pay so much for an iPad/tablet when you can get a much more powerful and versatile laptop much cheaper even if it is a little less convenient.

Likewise, how on earth teenagers are allowed to have $500 phones for any reason. /oldmanrant

How radio stations make any money.

How restaurants don't make any money. You and I both know they spend, like, pennies for a crate of sub-grade meat for soup stock and scrambles they change five bucks for.

Electronica and/or techno music. I mean, I get it--different tastes and all that--but it just seems to me like "I enjoy listening to an endless loop of the theme song of the clueless tech segment of NPR programming."

Math Trades.

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