Friday, November 9, 2012

Creative Reuse

Last night my wife and I went to the Pittsburgh Center for Creative Reuse (as part of a BlogMob project). The PCCR is an organization that advocates the conservation of resources by reusing items in a creative way. By accepting donations of items that could be of use for various other reasons, they take items that currently have little use and try and repurpose them, saving money, time, and resources from all sides.

Ostensibly, this normally means crafts or other creative pursuits. For example, a local university donated all of their slides--mostly art--to the PCCR (now that they've gone all digital). There were barrels and barrels of thousands of slides, all of which could easily be adapted to a variety of pursuits.

Of course, the center has plenty of projects as well that utilize these creative pursuits; for example, we made Christmas ornaments for a tree that will eventually be donated to a shelter. The PCCR is also involved in the Knit the Bridge project, where individuals knot squares that will cover one of the many bridges in Pittsburgh. It will look awesome, and then squares will be donated to various homeless and pet shelters for use in the winter.

While the inventory of the PCCR is a bit too random to rely on it as a standard crafts store, sometimes that's not a bad thing--by utilizing the items available to make your project, you can sometimes find more new and creative ways of doing something than if you determine the required parts beforehand. I recommend stopping by, even if to see the process they use to maximize the reuse of various things that many people would just throw away.

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