Friday, December 21, 2012

The Results Are In! The 2012 Miserable Crank Awards!

Well, the votes have been counted and the world didn't end (sorry), so here are the results for the 2012 Miserable Crank Awards!

Who Is The Most Miserable Person We Permit To Contribute To Our Society? [Personality]
Donald Trump

What Is The Most Indefensibly Stupid Business Decision? [Business]
Facebook Goes Public

What Is The Weirdest Nonsense We Continue To Allow Ourselves To Be Entertained By? [Entertaiment]
Honey Boo Boo

What Is The Most Ridiculous Government Decision Everyone Hates But No One Will Ever Do Anything Meaningful About? [Government]

What Is The Most Embarrassing Reason To Be A Member of the Human Race? [Embarrassment]
"Illegitimate Rape" Senators

What Is The Most Unsportsmanlike Conduct Perpetuated By A Bunch Of People Running Around And Hitting Things With Other Things For Money? [Sports]
The NHL Lockout

What Is The Greatest Disruption From Allowing Us To Live A Comfortable Middle-Class Lifestyle? [Inconveniences]
Hostess Goes Bankrupt

What Is The Worst Thing Everyone Else For Some  Reason Loves But I Hate With A Passion Unparalleled? [Popular]
Fifty Shades of Gray

What Is The Most Painfully Awful Event or Idea of 2012? [Event]
Aurora Shootings

And, finally:

What WasThe Worst Thing About 2012?
Hurricane Sandy

Congratulations, weather! Your random and intermittent behavior has, once again, brought out the worst in humanity. And a great big thanks to all of our nominees. We're all looking forward to a new, productive year in 2013!

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