Thursday, December 13, 2012

Vote Now! The 2012 Miserable Crank Awards: Final Day

Today is the last post for voting for the 2012 Miserable Crank Awards. Go vote for each of the categories now!

Here is the link for Day One. [Personalities, Business, Entertainment]

Here is the link for Day Two. [Government, Embarrassing Failure, Sports]

Here is the link for Day Three. [Inconvenience, Popular, Event]

(For the cynics out there, I didn't do this to jump up my page views. Trust me, that is going to make zero difference in anything. However, in past years a lot of people have claimed that reading all 45 candidates in one page was rather daunting and made them not want to read it at all, so I've split it up into more manageable sizes.)

So the final vote is below. Remember, this vote is for the absolute worst thing of 2012, regardless of category. You can vote for something different or re-vote for something you voted on an earlier post; it doesn't matter. Whichever gets the most votes below wins the overall award, and whoever the runner up for whatever category it was out of will win that category instead. Remember: you need to vote in the previous three posts (nine categories total) and vote below.

Remember, voting ends on Thursday, December 20th, 2012, so the polls will be open for a full week after today.

[Voting is now closed.]

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