Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Things I Can't Bring Myself To Care About

  • The XBox One. I've never really been a console player (my very first one since the good ole NES is the Wii) but I am painfully aware of the various systems available since you can't talk about video games without someone bringing it up and giving me expert advice as to which one is better. I am latently interested in how the industry is moving (registering games to prevent selling used games; always-on technology, etc.) but in the end I can't bring myself to get overly concerned about waht amounts to a game box.
  • Jodi Arias. Pretty girl accused of murder? GET IN LINE, SISTER
  • The Sexing Up Of The Brave Girl: A firestorm was unleashed last week when Disney revealed that they were "revamping" Princess Merida, with critics accusing the company of taking a young, tomboyish girl role model and making her into yet another unrealistic princess. (As opposed to a realistic princess, I suppose.) I...I don't see it. It looks more like she was updated to more easily plaster on McDonald's cups than any attempt to crush little girls' self-esteem. At best, the update to makes her look slightly older, and I would call it a stretch to say she's sexualized. This seems to be more along the lines of a combination of activists pounding a minor issue with a sledge hammer plus people seeing what they want to see, which to me is more than just a little creepy.
  • Umbrellagate. WHY IS THIS A THING
  • Saturday Night Live Cast Changes: I'll lump in here a sort of generic "late-night talk show host" changes as well. I think that SNL has been only mildly amusing for decades now*, with maybe a sketch or two per season truly being funny enough on its own merits, and the rest of the show is a combination of poorly written sketches and decent character pounded into oblivion by overuse because everyone there is pretty much a lazy hack. But all of the talk of who is leaving and who is staying and what former cast members are doing really doesn't seem to make that much difference to me.
*Yes, I'm fully aware of the fact that, like Mad magazine and baseball, everyone thinks SNL is worse now than some mythical time when they were 13 years old.

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