Friday, August 2, 2013

When The Internet Goes Down

First off, I apologize for the long delay in posting anything here for the last half of July; however, I assure you, it was for a noble cause.

Our internet went down.

Oh, sure I could have pecked out a post or two on my cell phone, but there are several circles of hell devoted to people whose sole punishment is to write more than 140 characters on a virtual keypad. And while I could, in theory, have gone to the local Dunkin Donuts and used their WiFi, I fear I would have been more inspired to eat a dozen Brownie Batter Donuts than an actual blog piece. 

Sadly, the quest to get our internet back up and running was not exactly...smooth. We'd had the service for about four years with very little issue; the occasional outage wasn't enough to get outraged over, and, besides, there isn't much by way of competition around here. I won't mention the name of the company (although it does rhyme with the word "Windstream") and while their initial actions weren't bad--a decent troubleshooting session determined that we needed to replace our modem--the follow-up left something to be desired. After several different prices were mentions on several different calls, they promised to send one free of charge--which a subsequent call revealed that no order was placed. Then it was supposed to be overnighted but didn't make it. Then the original order was placed, but the rep I spoke with placed another "just in case." At one point we had no idea if we were getting zero, one, or two modems, and if it was coming Thursday, Friday, Saturday, or Monday. (Surprise! It came on Tuesday.) Everything is resolved now, but it was not a pleasant experience.

Unfortunately, my wife was not very pleased at this development; like me, the internet is practically a necessity. Knowing that this situation was less than ideal I decided that, even if I couldn't make the internet work, I could at least try to do the next best thing. Below are what I consider to be acceptable substitutes for the internet: Facebook, Pinterest, and Twitter.

(click to enlarge)

I find them to be startlingly accurate.