Saturday, November 9, 2013

Dead Leaves and Pumpkin in Everything

I love fall! There are several reasons:
  • The air. There's something alluring about the crisp, cold air every autumn. I don't particularly like the smell of leaves, but maybe there's something subconscious about the odor that is very relaxing.
  • Winter is coming! I'm a cold-weather person (although definitely not a snow-driving person). I'd rather be cold and wrapped in a warm blanket than sweating in a gross room burning up entire coal fields to power the air conditioning. Obviously those bitter, can't-hardly-move mornings where everything is covered with ice and regret aren't very fun, but overall I love it.
  • School has started in earnest, which means students are in schools and not anywhere I am going to be.
  • As a corollary to the cold, fall is also when the cooking starts, whether it be a turkey stuffed full of awesome things that now also taste like turkey, or a nice warm baked good of some sort.
  • Five years ago I would say that it's television; all the new series are going to start. The scene has changed, of course, now, so there aren't as many new series specifically coming out in the fall; it's more or less a year-round endeavor anymore. Still, plenty of series are starting their new episodes now, and it's immensely enjoyable.
  • Likewise, football and hockey. Hockey probably doesn't get exciting until the winter, but at least it's started. And while I have a love-hate relationship with football (especially this year with the Steelers), I at least enjoy the fact that I have the option to watch it.
  • Fall also provides plenty of material for when you can't think of a particularly good blog post on a lazy Saturday afternoon.

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