Monday, January 20, 2014

Bean Boozled: Jelly Belly Candy Review

For Christmas my wife bought me a pack of Bean Boozled candy by Jelly Belly. If you've ever seen or read the Harry Potter books, you are familiar with the concept--these are jelly beans that have a wide variety of flavors, and my "flavors" I mean completely disgusting flavors. Or awesome ones. Who knows? That's the fun.

Anyway, below is the video of my review:

I would like to point out that my wife CLAIMED that I needed to do this for a review, which she completely pretended to deny as soon as this video was done. To her credit, she did taste each set of jelly beans as well.

Note that the above link to Amazon is for the third series (I tried the second), because for some evil, unknowable reason they have released more horrible, horrible flavors.

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