Monday, February 10, 2014

Make Room For Kids

This is going to be a short and sweet post: I want you to go over to my friend Virginia's blog (That's Church) and, if you can, donate to her charity drive. Make Room For Kids is an organization that helps pay for making hospital-bound children have an easier time of their stay. They do this by providing games for kids--consoles, games, controllers, etc. It's the sort of thing that isn't always covered by charities and is often an afterthought; many charities focus on actual medical treatment. Hospitals can be dreary and sad for adults, and downright nightmarish for a child, so anything that can be done to help ease this atmosphere is always welcome.

Here is a pretty good explanation of what the project does overall.  It's affiliated with the Mario Lemieux Foundation and is also assisted greatly by Microsoft. But Virginia's great enthusiasm for the project overall is, no doubt, the key to its success. Please go over there and contribute to that success. And maybe, someday, the child you help today will be the one that headshots you from behind that bunker just as you were going to throw that grenade and she totally ruined your K/D ratio tomorrow.

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