Sunday, November 30, 2014

Blogroll Update

It's a lazy housekeeping post today, friends! But it's sort of an important one.

I've updated the blogroll on my sidebar. Not much has changed, but I'd like to point some of them out.
  • A Random Stranger is a blog from one of my friends. He recently moved to China to teach, and he's been writing about those experiences a lot lately (among other things--there's a treasure trove of previous posts about all sorts of things.)
  • A local author and friend, Jeff Boarts, has written a series of mystery novels set in the Kittanning/Pittsburgh area. I highly recommend them, especially if you are into the mystery genre. I've posted both his blog and where you can purchase the books.
  • Ya Jagoff! is another Pittsburgh-based blog that ostensibly calls out city residents who are behaving badly, but his posts are about much more than just yinzer-shaming. Of particular note is his current campaign to have "jagoff" added to Webster's Dictionary. (If for some unknowable reason you don't know what a Jagoff is...well, just click and find out.) 
  • Vito Delsante, another local who is now a comic book writer in New York, has a pretty robust online presence. His new project, Stray, is available now.
Also make sure you check out the other links. I'm slowly going to add more once I get everything together, so keep an eye on it.

Another note about this blog: I've wanted to mention this for a while, but I've never got around to it. As a general rule, I try not to alter posts once I've hit enter, but invariably there are minor punctuation or grammatical errors that slip through. (Also, about 10% of the time I forget to title the post. Whoops.) If it's a minor correction and it doesn't impact the post, I don't mention it; I just fix it. If it's a more substantial edit that actually adds or changes content, I try and make a note of it.

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