Saturday, November 29, 2014

In Requiem: Congressman Henry Allen Cooper of Wisconsin

I was doing what I normally do on a Saturday night, which is argue with people on Reddit. In one of my lively discussions I came across a table that listed the longest-tenured politicians in America. At the very bottom of this list is the sad tale of one Henry Allen Cooper, representative from Wisconsin starting in 1893:

"Defeated & Died." That's his legacy, after 36 years of service. Some jerk probably engraved that on his headstone.

Actually, it's not that bad. He's listed as such because he was defeated in 1918 for voting against going to war against Germany in World War I, but was then re-elected after his constituents got over their snit, where he thereupon died ten long years later. So it's not like what I first thought, where in 1918 a messenger knocked on his door, told him he lost the election, and poor Mr. Allen Cooper immediately keeled over and died and then someone updated his Wikipedia article.

Hot trivia about Henry Allen Cooper: He was the chairman of the Committee of Rivers and Harbors for an entire two-year term and authored the act that set up the Philippines as an American colony. You know full well he was just swimming in it when be went back home to Racine.

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