Monday, November 17, 2014

Turn Off The Power

Sadly, it appears as if Pittsburgh's own arena football team, the Pittsburgh Power, is ceasing operations.

I won't lie; this makes me a little sad. (I even have a blog tag for arena football!) We've gone to quite a few games there and it's always a fun time. (For those who don't know, arena football generally has the same rules as regular football, except that it's indoors and has a 50-yard field. Extra points are also handled a little differently.) Arena football is a lot of fun; it's fast paced, it's high-scoring, it's just downright exciting. While standard gridiron football also has its pluses over arena--a bigger field means bigger payoffs--there's just something satisfying about arena.

Unfortunately, I doubt they will be able to field another team here; there's always hope that a new investor group might wring out some more life out of the franchise, but probably now. Possibly a new venue (being at Consol couldn't have been cheap) and a new ticket-selling strategy, but one assumes that if those options were viable they would have been tried already. Oddly, the Power had one of the lowest attendance records in the entire league, which to me is strange because Pittsburgh loves stuff like this and the Penguins (well, Consol) advertised the heck out of it every game. If nothing else, it was a great place to take kids that was still relatively cheap, but it could also be a fun date.

I guess people like me are part of the problem. We went to a few games, but haven't been there in two seasons--we always thought about it but never got around to actually doing it. Since it's not televised (or at least not televised in any convenient manner) you can't really follow the sport, and the lack of star players (or, really, any sort of player you would actually know) means there isn't much information to retain.

Part of me is still hoping that a solution can be found, but realistically I don't see how that's possible.

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