Monday, December 22, 2014

The Results Are In! The Winners of the 2014 Miserable Crank Awards Are...

What is the Worst Government Decision?
Brakes Put On Tesla Sales 

What is the Worst Technological Advance?
Assault On Net Neutrality 

What is the Worst Sporting Event?
NFL Abuse 

What is the Most Embarrassing Thing? 
Renee Zellweger's Face 

What is the Worst Business Decision? 
Elk River Chemical Spill 

What is the Worst Popular Trend? 
Ice Bucket Challenge 

What is the Worst Incident? 
Malaysian Airlines 

What is the Worst Entertainment? 
Kim Kardashian Breaks The Internet 

Who is the Worst Person? 
Vladimir Putin 

What is the Worst Inconvenience? 
Polar Vortex 

Oh, sure, it's just dandy that The Interview gets cancelled after the deadline, but it's not like the power of Kim Kardashian could penetrate it, right?

And finally...
 Ferguson, MO

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