Sunday, January 18, 2015

Trivial Pursuit

Who wants trivia? We all want trivia!

Well, maybe.

I've been sucked into playing the newest hot app, Trivia Crack. I won't lie, though: I'm not sure how long I will do so. Given the track record I've had with hot apps like this in the past (Word With Friends was awesome until their servers couldn't handle it and started begging for money, for example) and I've already encountered quite a few repeat questions. On the plus side, they have what seems to be an aggressive question-submitting system that will keep things fresh (although, to be honest, with a few too many questions about the Hunger Games.)

I have a love-hate relationship with trivia. Well, mostly love, but it's not without its issues. I think a lot of people have some misplaced sense of intelligence because they can rip through trivia games; in reality, knowing random facts doesn't always mean you have the comprehension or analytical skills to really be smart. (On the other hand, having a broad base of knowledge helps.) It's a tricky situation, since a lot of people have differing perspectives of what is considered "smart," but in any case there's too many people who think they're hot shit because they know how many seasons Friends was on the air.

(As an aside, I'd like to point out a huge issue I have with Trivial Pursuit, the grandaddy of all trivia games: namely, that the whole move-your-pie-and-get-wedges system is equally boring and frustrating. It doesn't necessarily reward people who know the most trivia; it rewards people who happen to be lucky as well. The fact that someone can theoretically win before anyone else has a turn is bothersome. When I play, we generally disregard the board and play with a point system, which is more fun anyway.)

Still, though, trivia can be fun. And there's no way to replicate that feeling of successfully knowing who played the male lead in Pretty In Pink when no one else did.

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