Sunday, July 5, 2015

A Bridge Of Another Color

If there's one thing that Pittsburgh loves more than its bridges--it has more than Venice, after all--it's how much Pittsburgh hates change. So it should come as no surprise that, as the bridges are scheduled to be repainted and the city put it up for a vote as to what the colors should be, Pittsburgh overwhelmingly demanded that they stay the exact same color they are now.

If you know anything about Pittsburgh, this is no surprise. Still, I feel like it's a missed opportunity--and that the other choices may have simply been lacking. The choices--Pittsburgh Yellow, Environmentalist Alarmist Green, and Weirdo Artist Silver--may have been symbolically important, but not so important as to warrant a change.

While I'm not sure if the results would have been different, maybe a better choice of colors would have been useful. Here's some recommendations:
  • Heinz Red
  • PennDOT Orange
  • McArdle Mudslide Brown
  • Fifteen Straight Days Of Rain Gray 
  • East Liberty Police-Tape Yellow
  • Post-Industrial Hellscape Rust
  • Throwback Bumblebee Stripes
  • Soul of Sienna Miller Black
  • Hockey Fight Crimson
  • UPMC Balance Sheet Green
  • Lawrenceville Plaid
  • Monongahelan Grayish-Brownish-Blue
  • Sally Wiggin Blonde
  • Weathered Patio Chair In Parking Space Off-White

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