Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Some Assembly Required

OK, I'll admit it--I've drunk the Marvel Cinematic Universe Kool-Aid.

As I've mentioned before, I'm not really into comic books. No reason; it's just a nerd blind spot for me. And I don't hate them, I just never really got into them

So far I have watched all of the movies up until The Avengers, which closes out the first phase. I'm not going to claim these are classics--in fact, most of them fit the definition of big, dumb, clumsy action flicks. And that's okay.

The good news is that the MCU has done a pretty good job of weaving an interesting, thematic thread through each of the movies. Sure, you have your obvious macguffins and dialed-in personal arcs, but in the end it's all made right with a bunch of smashed-up cars in downtown Manhattan.

Still, I can't help but point out some things that just bother me:

1. Tony Stark is an asshole. I'm not taking about a lovable, snarky, sarcastic ladies' man. He's just a jerk. I know people are supposed to like his attitude, but it just screams immature adolescent. I don't find him enjoyable at all.

2. Thor (and, for that matter, Loki) seems out of place. In a world where everyone else is a superhero pretty much by superscience, here's a Norse demigod with a toolbelt. I'm sure there's some super secret comic book reason for this (and I can't fault the movies since they're just following the comics), but I just can't quite meld the two. The movies at least make an attempt to handwave this away by claiming that magic is just science that people don't understand, but still.

3. Everyone is pretty much invincible. Even amongst the Avengers, Hulk and Thor are evenly matched, and Captain America and Iron Man are also evenly matched as long as they have their toys. Hell, even ScarJo and Mayor Carmine seem indestructible even though they're just highly trained professionals with unrealistic hand-eye coordination without the benefit of a lab accident. The villains, of course, are equally invincible. There's far too much of each movie that basically boils down to two of the characters beating the ever-loving shit out of each other with little to no consequence until the audience is going to get bored and then mysteriously one of them has had enough and gives up. Without a compelling kryptonite (sorry, Marvel) to serve as an Achilles' Heel (sorry, Greek mythology), the narrative of victory and defeat basically doesn't exist.

Still, these are things that could develop--I have to get caught up in Phase Two which is still currently being created. I eagerly await.

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