Thursday, November 19, 2015

Board Game Review: What's Yours Like?

What's Yours Like? is a party game by Patch Products.  

Each turn, one player is trying to guess a word or phrase that relates to people--for example, "my house" or "my pet." A card is drawn and passed to all players except the guesser, and the guesser goes around asking each player "What's yours like?" The other players then have to make a truthful statement about their object, but not so revealing as to give it away immediately. The guesser has to piece together all of the clues until they can accurately guess the word. Scores are based on the number of guesses, so the lower the better.

That's it--it's a pretty simple concept.  It's almost like a reverse Password, where everyone has their own "answer."

What I like about the game:
  • The rules are fairly simple, and it's easy to get people into the game. While the instructions for giving answers is a little awkward (they emphasize that the hints can't be too strong or too general multiple times in a two-page instructions) it doesn't take long to get people into it.
  • It is a nice mix of party game and deduction puzzle. It's actually quite fun to sit there and go over the list of things people have told you, trying to puzzle out what on earth would apply to all of them.
  • The answers are varied and interesting, and since everyone's "answer" is different (your pet will elicit a different answer than my pet, for example) it has almost infinite replayability. 

What I don't like about the game:
  • Probably the biggest issue I have with the game is that, from a game perspective, there's no way to prevent people from giving "bad" answers. The instructions go to great lengths to tell people that the clues can't be too vague nor too specific, but there's nothing besides the rules to enforce that. It's a party game, so people should get into the spirit of things, but if you are playing with people who definitely want to win at all costs they can easily sabotage the game and make it not fun for anyone. I'm not sure if there's an elegant fix for this, but I just wanted to point it out. 
  • It's pretty clear they've repackaged this to capitalize off of games like Cards Against Humanity. Despite the provocative labeling on the box, the game itself is mercifully tame.

There are easier party games out there to play, but this one is unique and interesting. I like the fact that it plays off of a common party game concept without overly complicating it. I'll give it a B.

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