Sunday, February 7, 2016


As of this writing, Superbowl 50 is going on. As you can tell, I'm not riveted.

I like football, but this was the year that I skipped it. There's several reasons why: some are valid, some are admittedly stupid. I've grown tired of the NFL's handwaving away of things such as violence and domestic abuse. I can't really criticize the NFL's money-making acumen, but the sheer amount of commercials have turned an already-mildly-boring game into an exercise in tedium. I think the behavior of certain teams--such as the Patriots--diminish the game, and it's appalling that the NFL basically shrugs it off. I think the officiating has turned into an absolute disaster, to the point where fans have no idea what a catch is anymore.

When your fans literally no longer know the rules, it's time to take a step back.

But this year it seemed to hit critical mass for me. Player misconduct seems to be out of control, and the NFL seemingly metes out punishment arbitrarily, where the sentence is rather obviously tied to their value as a player. And while I'm not as concerned about the issue of concussions as some people are, I think there's a certain amount of chicanery going on there as well.

And my biggest problem is that there doesn't seem to be any move to fix any of these issues. As the audiences get bigger and bigger (which they have), I don't think they are going

And so I was off it this year. I didn't watch a single minute of professional football all year*, and even tonight I was  only half watching it. I'm sure I will get back into it again. I wasn't anti-NFL throughout the year; I was simply indifferent. (That is, until I started tweeting during the Superbowl and I realized how caustically I felt about things. Oh well.)

Until then, bring on the hockey.

*As an aside, you know what bugs me? The sort of people who squawk about "sportsball" and make fun of people getting excited about other people winning a game they had nothing to do with. I get it, I'm a nerd, and I used to be anti-sports, too, but you know what? It's fun. Let people enjoy stuff. If it's not your thing, fine; no one is forcing you.

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