Thursday, September 29, 2016

Dark Roast

Today is National Coffee Day! Or at least social media is telling me that this is so.

I like coffee, but--oddly--I find myself rarely drinking it all that often. I'm not the sort of person who requires a cup of joe first thing in the morning to get going--I secure my caffeine intake in other ways, mostly Diet Pepsi. So the only time I find myself actively drinking coffee is sometimes in the winter--and I almost always prefer a hot cocoa instead. All of this is weird, because I do like coffee.

I've found that I have a preference for coffee-flavored-things--such as ice cream, hard candy, that sort of thing. Of course, that is no doubt this is because in addition to coffee flavoring it has about nine parts sugar in it, which puts me on par with the rest of the consuming population of liking "coffee" when in reality they like desserts that slightly taste like coffee.

I don't begrudge people that. After all, coffee is bitter and strong, much like my soul. And it's not all that different than, say, cocoa beans--have you ever had unsweetened chocolate? It's gross. But it's additionally perplexing because I prefer my coffee black or I prefer my coffee filled up with so much garbage it should be a desserts; I don't have a middle ground.

I've always been fascinated by old-timey coffee, too. Like, any time you watch a Western, they're making coffee in some weird tin container, which almost always makes me think they're throwing a bunch of beans in some water and then drinking some slightly brown water. Then again, they were eating lizard leather and kidney stones for stew, so it probably wasn't so bad by comparison. 

So today, on National Coffee Day, I ended up having a fountain soda. Go figure that one out. After you've had your morning cup, of course.  

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