Sunday, October 30, 2016

Thanks, Facebook

I know Facebook is trying to be helpful...but I could do without their "Trending Stories" sidebar.

I mean, in theory, it's great. I try and keep up with stuff, but I know there's often a lot of (usually pop culture related) news that goes under my radar. And I want to be, uh, hip for the kids and all that.

And yet that feed is usually a breakdown of:

1) Some young celebrity that I do not recognize and after clicking I realize I don't care
2) Some old celebrity that I assume just died but turns out it's just their birthday
3) Sports thing I don't care about
4) Clickbait that got through the filters
5) A very, very local news story that makes me think my location is set up wrong somewhere
6) A boring but probably important story that I get way too exceited about because I misread it (Tesla won the Powerball? Oh, Powerwall.)

I usually find that I'm less informed after I read it. Thanks, Facebook!

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