Friday, November 18, 2016

How 'Bout That Weather?

Today it was 70 degrees out.* This Sunday, it's probably going to snow. Welcome to November in western Pennsylvania!

I know it's a little trite to talk about the weather, but I do enjoy the autumn so much, and I always seem to take the time to mention it on this blog. Unlike, I'm sure, everyone else, I don't really have a list of reasons why; I just kind of do. I actually like the cold, although I don't like driving in snow, and late November/early December is usually the best time to be able to get the benefit of having a bit of a chill in the air without the drawback of dealing with snow days.

Of course, my weird predilection with temperature causes some weirdness--it's not unusual for us to have a fan and the furnace running, especially at night when I'm hot when I go to bed and freezing when I wake up. I say to myself that I would love being in a cold room while bundled up in a thousand blankets, but at the end of the day all that does is make the toilet seat a big brick of ice, and who wants that?

*That's about 20 degrees Celsius for you metric-eating heathens out there.

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