Thursday, November 24, 2016

Thanksgiving Day Topics

Want to avoid tension at Thanksgiving? Everyone side-eying each other to assess potential political conflicts of interest? Are the knives being hidden in a locked cabinet for everyone's safety?

We're here to help!

Why not use the below list as an official C2R Safe Topic List for your Thanksgiving dinner conversational needs?
  • Talk about local retail establishments that no longer exist, and what store is in their place now and how they aren't as good
  • Ask a child how Pokemon works and then zone out under a wine buzz for the rest of the afternoon 
  • If everyone in the room was a Muppet, what Muppet would they be?
  • What regional cuisine is the best? (Hint: it's Carolina-style barbecue) 
  • Go around the room asking all the college kids what their major is, and then everyone takes turns discussing how it's the wrong major and they're going to be broke and miserable
  • Are Blue Bloods and Chicago P.D. actually the same show?
  • Exchange theories as to what ever happened to Oprah, and where she may be held hostage for like three years now
  • Wiener dogs: The best breed of dog or the bestest breed of dog?
  • Have a lively debate between "What is your favorite podcast?" and "what the hell is a podcast?"
  • Why does Harry Potter need glasses? He's a wizard, for crying out loud!
  • Trade Uber horror stories
  • Point at and discuss the wind chimes outside
  • How many conditions from the DSM-5 does Charlie Brown fall under?
  • Is Die Hard a Christmas movie?
  • Talk about your browser history
  • Did it snow this time last year? How about the year before? (Warning: this topic can literally last hours.)
  • Did you see that girl on The Voice last night? I mean, wow!
  • Exchange detailed explanations as to how to set up apps on your grandmother's cell phone
  • The impending Lovecraftian apocalypse we are undoubtedly headed towards
  • Rabbits: Cute carrot-crunchers or pellet-pooping pests?

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  1. damn... bummed that I missed this before Thanksgiving but this will come in handy for Christmas and Christmas parties!!! BTW I am now officially caught up on reading the posts!